Comrie Croft with Lorna and Stewart


I had been to Comrie Croft once last year so this was my return visit. It was a lovely May day, a bit breezy but the sun was out so the wedding was to be held in the courtyard. As I arrived the string quartet was setting up in the corner and guests were all wandering about and looking very relaxed. Not as relaxed as Lorna though and when I dropped in to see her before the ceremony she was very laid back.

The whole ceremony was actually very laid back. One of their friends, Scott, wrote a poem to open the ceremony that was about them getting together, which rather stole my thunder when it came to the part of the ceremony that I call “Your Story” so, inspired by the format of Stewart’s homework I presented their story in the form of an old telegraph:

Eight years ago– On the coach at Riverbank–boom petite blonde with great bum–started working together–just friends–quickly changed after spending time alone–involved rum– threw herself at me–courting–flat in Glasgow–best times ever–Tenerife – Bianco’s – Dublin–things progressing easily– Mount Pleasant way– sharing days off– watching Harry Potter– learning to compromise–stronger relationship–redundancy –hard times– stuck together– became even stronger– Cuba engagement– proudest day of my life–best day ever-Beagle – Winston– Wrecking Ball – Tichfields– Comrie– And here we are.

Timing is, of course, everything and allowing the audience to laugh at the in-jokes is key. The rest of the ceremony was fairly simple, just as they wanted it.


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