Contractual Stuff, Fees etc

My Responsibilities As A Humanist Celebrant

  1. To provide a professional level of service at all times, ensuring that the ceremony is dignified, meaningful and personal within a broad Humanist framework.
  2. To ensure that the marriage is solemnised in accordance with the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014 (including the required declarations) and in a location that is safe and dignified.
  3. To notify you of any changes to the procedures.
  4. To arrive at the wedding venue at least 30 minutes before the agreed time for the ceremony.
  5. To ensure that the marriage takes place on the date and at the place specified on the Marriage Schedule.
  6. To obtain the Marriage Schedule from the parties to be married before the ceremony can commence.
  7. To ensure that the Marriage Schedule is correctly signed in permanent black liquid ink, by both parties to be married (using the names shown on the Marriage Schedule), two witnesses and the Celebrant.
  8. To ensure that any amendments to the Marriage Schedule are made in permanent liquid black ink. The date and place of marriage however, should not be altered without the express permission of the Registrar.
  9. To ensure, where possible, that the parties to the marriage join, or renew their membership of, the Humanist Society Scotland at such a time that membership will be current on the date of marriage.
  10. If in the unlikely event of the Celebrant not being able to conduct the ceremony for some reason (e.g. illness), the Society guarantees to arrange for another authorised Celebrant to conduct the ceremony instead (with the approval of the Registrar).
  11. To facilitate this the Celebrant may require your permission (by signing this agreement) to upload your ceremony script to a central database.

The Responsibilities Of The Parties to be Married

  1. To join the Humanist Society Scotland or to provide proof of membership of a similar affiliated Humanist Organisation.
  2. To contact the Registrar in the district where the marriage is to take place, three months before the date of the wedding, to submit the Marriage Notice forms (M10) along with the requisite fee.
  3. If either of you is not a British citizen, you should contact the Registrar immediately to check what documentation you will require in order to be married in Scotland.
  4. To inform the Registrar that the marriage will be solemnised by a Celebrant of the Humanist Society Scotland, by completing Section F of the M10 forms.
  5. To collect the Marriage Schedule from the Registrar during the week prior to the marriage. One of the parties to the marriage must personally collect it.
  6. To deliver the Marriage Schedule to the Celebrant on the day of the ceremony. Please note that the marriage cannot be legally conducted without the Marriage Schedule.
  1. To make every effort to ensure that the ceremony starts within 30 minutes of the time agreed. If the ceremony is delayed further, your celebrant may have to leave to conduct  another ceremony and additional costs may be incurred for returning later in the day.
  2. To advise the Registrar in advance if there is any possibility of the marriage not taking place on the date or in the place specified (for example in the case of an outdoor ceremony being rained off).
  3. To take care of the signed Marriage Schedule and to return it to the Registrar within 3 days of the wedding taking place, so that the marriage can be registered. Please note that it can be returned to the Registrar by anyone.
  4. To pay the agreed fee and expenses for the humanist ceremony as listed below unless otherwise agreed with your celebrant. Please feel welcome to contact our Ceremonies Administrator with any feedback you may have, be that on your ceremony, celebrant or the service that we provide: 0870 874 9002
Marriage/CP Ceremony Fee 2024  £750
Wedding rehearsal if requested £150
Travel expenses 55 pence per mile
Other expenses (excess travel time, ferry charges, overnight accommodation etc.) negotiated with client
HSS Membership Fee and deposit for a wedding couple (for two years) £85.00


Please note that in addition to the above, statutory fees are also payable to the Registrar for the submission of Marriage Notices and for copies of the Marriage Certificate.