My Approach to Weddings and Civil Partnerships

Your wedding ceremony or Civil Partnership ceremony is the most important day of your life, a day that you and your family and friends should remember forever. That is where I start when working with you. Your guests should leave your ceremony saying that it was fantastic, unique and truly reflected who you are as a couple. Your challenge is that you have probably not done this before and, like most couples I work with, you have little idea where to start. No problem, you are in safe hands and since 2010 I have been working with couples to help create their perfect ceremony.

My wedding and Civil Partnership ceremonies are relaxed and light hearted, your guests should be more than spectators and should part of the special moment in your big day. Humour is one of the best ways to engage with people but, at the same time, your ceremony should have heart. So, we’ll do the meaningful bits seriously because, although it is a celebration, marriage is a serious commitment.

I usually meet with couples to start planning their ceremony about 4 months before (although I’d be delighted to meet before then). At that meeting I’ll listen to your ideas and walk through what might happen in a ceremony with you both integrating your ideas and giving you loads more. The best way I find to get your input is to ask you to do some homework after the meeting, don’t worry this does involve a bottle or two of wine! When you’ve done that, I’ll send you Brian’s Handy Handbook, which is full of ideas and examples of ceremonies, readings, and symbolic gestures, which you can include (like handfasting, sharing a Quaich or a band warming, although there are many more). I then work with you as you want. Either I can put your ceremony together for you or you can. In reality, it’s usually a bit of both, and we work together until you have the ceremony you want.

One of my couples sent me the following after their wedding: “We just wanted to also let you know how fantastic our ceremony was. It was truly personal and it was without a doubt my favourite part of the day. Our guests (many of whom had never attended a Humanist ceremony before) were blown away by it. They loved how quickly you put them at ease with some humorous remarks and I believe that you created a relaxed and happy feeling that lasted throughout our whole day (and night!). You were wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for making our wedding ceremony so memorable with the perfect balance of laugher and tears!”