A Checklist for Your wedding



• Decide you want a Humanist wedding, and are willing to join the HSS

• Get information from celebrant

• Check celebrant has your date free and can access your venue. Agree the fee and payment of any travel costs

• Secure your date, pay £85 deposit and membership of the HSS

• Meet celebrant

• Do homework and send to celebrant

• 90 days before and not sooner contact Registrar, fill in forms etc.

• Your celebrant will send you a first draft for you to update and amend.

• Agree changes. Finalise script

• Collect Marriage Schedule from Registrar

• Pay Celebrant the balance of the fee

• Turn up to ceremony with rings etc and Marriage Schedule, which must be given to Celebrant before the ceremony

• Pay any travel expenses due to Celebrant

• Enjoy getting married

• Return signed Schedule to Registrar

• Live happily ever after.

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