What Do You Do If It Rains? Emma and Grant at the Botanic Gardens

I suppose one of the solutions to rain during your dream wedding is that we get wet!

It was a showery day as I travelled to the Botanic Gardens; one moment the sun was shining, the next it was chucking it down. When I arrived at the gardens I assumed that we would be going for “Plan B” and hold the ceremony in the Caledonian Hall but no, Emma had set her heart on her wedding being in the John Muir Grove and, as Grant said, it wasn’t raining that badly and it will definitely clear up for half an hour. Nearly Grant, nearly.

You can’t blame Emma, it is the most wonderful setting amongst the towering cedars, a natural arena for your perfect day. It kind of rained off and on during the ceremony and, as you can see from the photos, the team at the Botanic Gardens have umbrellas galore. Emma and her Dad arrived in a drizzle and my heart sank but it cleared and we managed the rest of the ceremony in the comparative dry (i.e. a light drizzle) until, of course, it came to signing the Wedding Schedule. At that point, as the rain really started to come down, I decided to cut our losses and moved the signing to the warmth of the marquee next to the Hall. I think I got a round of applause when I told the guests my plan.

I reflected as I drove home with my kilt and jacket quietly steaming and the car windows misting up that it would be wedding that no one there would ever forget and stories would be told for years to come.

I think bedraggled is the description I am looking for

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