Wedding Hotel of the Year (again) with Lindsey and Rob


100916d-291100916d-131Balbirnie House is in the village of Markinch just outside Glenrothes and has won the Scottish Wedding Hotel of the Year Award so many times it is insane. But not unjustified. A short drive over the Forth Bridge and onwards into the heart of Fife, you approach the house through the manicured golf course. The staff ensure that every wedding is perfect and that certainly was the case with Lindsey and Rob’s big day.

100916d-132The one thing I remember above all else from the ceremony was just how friendly everyone was and how up for a party they were – I bet it was some night. The ceremony was that perfect mix of laughter and lumps in throats none more so than when they exchanged their pledges:

On this day,

I give you my heart,

My promise,

That I will walk with you,

Hand in hand,

Wherever our journey leads us,

Living, learning, loving,



Isn’t that beautiful.

Lyndsey sent me an email afterward:

We are so glad that we were able to meet you and have you be a part of our wedding day. Although at first nervous when looking for a celebrant for our big day, your brief description of yourself seemed to click perfectly with us and we were not disappointed at all along the way! We were so glad that we were able to communicate via Skype and then to meet in person closer to the wedding when we were up in Scotland.You followed our brief of how we wanting our wedding to be perfectly. We asked for it to be a happy day and to avoid tears and that is exactly what we received. You made everyone laugh in all the right places and helped us to make the ceremony both meaningful to us and lighthearted enough to show our less serious sides.The feedback from our guests was nothing short of outstanding. You were a true highlight on our wedding day.

Thank you once again for your guidance and support in helping us to create our ideal ceremony.

Lindsey and Rob







Completely Mad – David and Laura at the Birds and the Bees

 “We thought we’d do a kind of fairground theme,” said David when we first met back in January. “We’re planning to have the wedding outside.” he said,
“In May? In Scotland?” I replied thinking, this man is off his trolley.
“Yeh, we’ll be fine. We’re going to put up a small marquee just in case it rains and people need somewhere to eat at the barbecue.”
“Barbecue!” I was thinking that I’d had barbecues rained off in Scotland in August never mind May.
“It’ll be fine.” Laura emphasised.

And so the day dawned and it wasn’t too bad, a bit cloudy, odd bits of sunshine, occasional drizzle and a cold wind from the east that would have cut you in half but we went for it and it was charming.
The wedding was held on the 4th May which as well as being National Weather Observers Day was, of course, Intergalactic Star Wars Day and I could therefore say “May the fourth be with you” with out blushing (too much).

Laura’s good friend Irene began with a reading which was unfamiliar to me:

 His hello was the end of her endings,

Her laugh was their first step down the aisle.
His hand would be hers to hold forever,
His forever was as simple as her smile.

An ocean couldn’t prevent it.
A New York minute wouldn’t let it pass.
Does the universe decide for us,
Which love will fade and which will last.

He said she was what was missing.
She said she instantly knew.
She was a question to be answered.
And his answer was “I do.”

I performed a variation of a hand fasting for them called “tying the Big Knot” where, by using two broad, stiffened ribbons and a little piece of magic the ribbons tie themselves into a beautiful double bow. The exchange of rings was interesting. David had decided not to have a physical ring but rather have one tatooed onto his ring finger so Laura uncovered his “ring” after hers had arrived on the back of a remote controlled car. What else?

My overwhelming memory of their day? It has to be the big bowls of chips that everyone shared after the ceremony.

A great day.

A Scottish Celtic Wedding for Diane and John

I do occasionally receive a letter or an email from a couple that I have married but never before have I received a complete Blog and I am indebted to Diane for taking the time to share her experiences of her special day. I leave the rest of this to Diane:
“We had met Brian for a chat and were told that we would be given homework to do. Little did Brian know that it had already been done!!!  From Brian’s blogs I had seen that he was looking for us to write a story of how we had met and what had made us fall in love.
There was a few surprises in the story and Brian thought it read ice cream not ice when I had fallen and hurt my ancle at Dumbarton castle and ended up at A and E and Brian did not ask about my husband’s love of dragons !!!

So yes a few dragons did make it on to the wedding cake and onto the top table!! 
We had also asked Brian what was in the legal part of the wedding
Brian told us that there are three parts that you must include in a wedding:
  1. Saying that will accept each other as husband and wife
  2. His declaration
  3. Sign the marriage schedule
  4. Kiss 

With Brian giving us his helpful hints book we stared to  look for poems. We chose a poem called “What is a Wedding”:

If you go to a wedding, here’s what it means
No one wears trainers and no one wears jeans
your best new clothes are all that you wear
and family and friends they are all there

Even some cousins that you’ve never known
and the grown-ups all say “Oh, how much you have grown!”
So everyone’s sitting in one big room
(except Diane and John, the bridge and groom)
Then all of a sudden things quieten down
Music starts playing and people turn round
Slowly, Douglas and Diane walk in
She’s prettier now than she’s ever been.
She’s a bride and is really looking great today
(when normally she looks just kind of okay)

She walks in and stands with her dad for a while
As John her Fiancé, awaits in the aisle
His hair is all combed and he’s wearing a tie
and then Diane’s mum starts to sniffle and cry.
And now it comes time for the “get-married” part
The Celebrant says that we’re ready to start

So he talks and he talks about serious things
then bestman Steven steps up with two rings
He gives one to the groom and the other to the bride
then his wife Susan pulls him aside.
Then Diane and John kind of look at each other
And another big sniffle comes from Diane’s mother

Diane and John put on their wedding rings
they talk and they vow to each other special things
They promise that they’ll love each other a lot
and help one another no matter what
to be with each other the rest of their life
Then the Celebrant says “Now you are husband and wife”.

Now everyone’s in such a happy mood
so on to a party with wonderful food
where we dance with each other and drink some wine
then do a conga in one long line

‘till Diane and John Mark drive off in a car
and everyone’s thinking how happy they are
So we all yell goodbye and throw handfuls of rice
Then the whole thing is over. Weddings are nice

We looked at doing a ring blessing , hand fasnings and getting our parents blessing at the wedding all made the ceremony more special for us.

 The ring blessing (or Band Warming) was a great way for all our family and friends to take time to see the celtic rings we had both chosen.

The hand fastening made it all the more special for us saying our vows together and individually.
Handfastening poem
I will now join you to one and other,
With a bond not easy to break
Take the time of the binding
Before the final vows are made
To learn what you need to know
To grow in wisdom and love
That your marriage will be strong
That your love will last
In this life and beyond

The first knot is for Bride’s love for Groom. And the second knot is for Groom’s love for Bride. These knots symbolise the strength of your love and commitment for one another…..

 We signed our marriage certificate and then exchanged our ring this gave all our friends and family time to see the rings. Brian pronounced us the new Mr and Mrs  before we headed to go and get our photo taken

David the owner of three king taking the marriage certificate from Brian for save keeping

There was just enough snow for make making a snowball for having photos taken out side. Again thank you Brian for making our day so special and we could not have had a better venue for us as well.”