Napier University with Holly and Andrew

A new venue for me today as I married Holly and Andrew at the Napier University campus at Craiglockart and I must admit, I was impressed not only by the lovely building but also by the wonderful staff. Theirs was a traditional wedding, and they chose to have a Hand-Fasting as they exchanged their promises and vows. For their promises and commitments to one another they decided to use the words of another and who better than Bertrand Russell (well, it is attributed to Russell, but I do have my doubts):

Andrew, today I marry my friend,

The one I have laughed and cried with,

The one I have learned from and shared with,

The one I have chosen to support, encourage,

And give myself to, through all the days

Given us to share.

Today I marry the one I love.


Holly, I join my life with yours today

Without hesitation and with an open and trusting heart.

Whatever we may encounter,

Let us encounter it together.

This is my commitment,

To be the best husband I can be

But, at the end of the day, what does it matter who wrote these beautiful words. After they made their legal vows and I declared them married they then shared a Quaich using very special Whisky because during Andrew’s PhD he worked on a project that supplied barley grain to the Highland Park Distillery in Orkney, where he visited when he went to work on the island as part of his studies. But do you really need a good reason to share a great malt?