Get Married in Your Bare Feet? Why not. Laura and Phil in the Borders

What a truly magical day in a wonderful venue in the Scottish Borders. Laura and Phil arranged the most romantic and unique wedding. They hired a large house up a farm track in the midst of the stunning Cheviot Hills, just down the road from Morebattle. To the house they invited all their close friends and family and they all stayed for a week and to start the week in style Laura and Phil got married. The whole event was handled with such style and care down to Laura’s stunning pheasant feather “bouquet” and Phil and Best Man’s matching button holes.
But it wasn’t by any means formal, in fact the whole thing was a bit of a hoot. Nothing happened on time, which was fine, I wasn’t going anywhere and all the guests, I reckon there would be around twenty people, sat in makeshift rows of chairs and benches gathered from around the house.
Phil wrote the introduction to the day:

“As we look around this room we recognize a tradition that has come to be in the past five years amongst the group of friends, to take part in the GOG, The Great October Getaway, set up initially to celebrate Phil’s Birthday it has served as escapism. A time for all of us to get together again when our normal day-to-day life has taken us to different parts of the world. There seemed no better time or better way to celebrate our marriage then to do it on the GOG, looking around its great to have our friend’s all here, friendships that have grown over the years and friend’s who have become like family.”
But it was Laura’s entrance that kind of summed the whole day up for me. First to enter was Bess, their gorgeous black lab, followed by the bridesmaids Erin and Nicky. Then Laura made her entrance with her Dad. Now, I should explain here that Laura and Phil are real outdoors people, used to hiking and camping and the like. To see Laura in her bridal dress (I suspect any dress) was breathtaking and as I swung her into place and drew breath to begin the ceremony she announced to the gathering, “these bloody shoes are killing me. Do you mind if I take them off?” It is not often that I am lost for words but, to be honest, I had never been asked that before. SoI married Laura in her bare feet, it seemed only fitting.
Even their rings had been especially designed for the day and I explained to their guests that each were designed to represent a river near where they were brought up.