Just Down The Road at Inchyra Grange with Rachel and Iain


Well, you’ve got have a bit of a laugh at a wedding!

A short drive down the road from me is the Macdonald Inchyra Grange Hotel ao, I suppose, it’s one of my more regular wedding venues. I remember Iain and Rachel’s ceremony fondly because their guest were such a nice crowd and so very welcoming. I think they also had quite a good time as Rachel said the following, “Thanks for conducting such a wonderful service for our wedding! You really did make it special. We have had so many people compliment you and say that it was the best humanist ceremony they’ve been to!! You really did put us at ease and we instantly knew that you would be the person to marry us when we first met you, so thank you very much.”


The ceremony itself was lovely and included a cracker of a reading, which I don’t think I had heard before: Don’t Squeeze My Shoes

“A love, like shoes, must feel justright
Not too loose and not too tight
Not too high or far too low
And if you’re young have room to grow
It must look good with any clothes
It must be kind, not pinch your toes
It must last well and not wear through
It must be just the thing for you




The style you choose, however strange
Must show ability to change
To cope with rains and frosty
To help you dodge bunions and corns
Your love must fit and not break banks
It must not always expect thanks
It should be happy being there
The chosen one, the happy pair



Isn’t that lovely? The two of them then exited to Elbow, “One Day Like This”, such a romantic moment.