Lee and Stephen,A Lovely Day in Grangemouth

Lee and Stephen’s great day was at the Grange Manor Hotel in Grangemouth and the sun shown for them. It was a bit of a rush since they had moved the wedding forward 30 minutes and not told me but, since I am always at the venue at least 45 minutes before and only one of my brides has ever arrived on time, there was no problem. Indeed this is probably the first time Lee has heard that I cut it a bit tight! Anyway, their guests for the ceremony were great and soon got into the spirit of things.
Lee and Stephen chose a new symbolic gesture for me – The Entwining of Hearts – and you can see them holding their hearts as I tie them together with a ribbon. 
I asked them to make the following declaration to each other:
Lee and Steven, you join your lives today, without hesitation and with open and trusting hearts.  Whatever you encounter, you encounter together, take each other’s hearts and with it your commitment to love, care and cherish each other.” 

The two of them held their hearts as they said their vows, very beautiful and meaningful.
We had two wonderful readings. Edward Monkton’s “The Lovely Dinosaur” is proving very popular this year and Stephen’s brother Scott read it beautifully. The bridesmaids then read “I’ll be There” by Louise Cuddon.