A Home Run – Angela and Brian at Bo’ness Town Hall

Each and every ceremony I deliver is unique, extraordinary and personal. Now and again they are also creative, quirky and, well, different. There are numerous rituals that you can perform during a Humanist wedding and I suppose the best known would be a handfasting and sharing a quaich but Angela, Brian and I came up with something quite unique to them.

There is a ritual which I think comes from India where the groom’s family and the bride’s family each bring a flask of  different scented oil and during the marriage ceremony the bride and groom mix the two oils together into a separate container creating a new blended oil. The symbolism is that once mixed the two oils can never be separated. There is a variant from the North West of Scotland where the bride and groom bring sand from the beach near their family homes and during the ceremony the two sands are poured together, again they cannot be separated. Angela and Brian were quite taken with this concept and wondered how to personalise it.

Now, Brian is renowned for his very special home brew, especially his extraordinary stout and planned to do a special brew for his wedding day. What on earth could you mix with stout? I think it took the three of us ten seconds to come up with the answer.

The ceremony proper began with a wonderful poem written for their engagement and read at their wedding by their friend Doreen. It was called A Perfect Match and was the story of how they had got together, hilarious and delivered with great aplomb. They said their vows, I declared them husband and wife, everyone had a glass of Black Velvet while we signed the Wedding Schedule and they made their exit to all of their guests signing “Five Hundred Miles”. I don’t think many people will forget Angela and Brian’s wedding.

By the looks of the gallons of Brian’s home brew downstairs at the bar, I don’t think many will remember the reception!

Supporting my local businesses: The photos are by Duncan Astbury, Bo’ness based www.astburyphotography.co.uk