A Wedding On The Beach with Craig and Lisa


One shouldn’t laugh but it is amazing how often it is the groom that breaks down during the important bits in the ceremony.

I had not conducted a wedding at the Glen Golf Club, I had played golf there so I was a bit confused as to where the ceremony might be held. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find the seats set up on the sandy beach opposite the clubhouse. They were so lucky. It was a lovely day, a bit breezy so not easy projecting into the wind but even in September in Scotland, it could rain.

Theirs was a lovely story of slowly falling love having met at work. The trigger to the romance was an email sent to Lisa from Craig. I think he may have been drinking because this is the email as I read it out at the ceremony:

Sat 25/03/2006 02:18 To: xxxxxxhtwin@hotmail.com

yo u im a buit pssed but i have to confesss i like u. i tthink u r really nicd and was wondetrin if ud be up 4 goin 4 a dink sometime. txt me 077xxx9960

thik thats t. cya late xxxxx

Lisa’s replied by text to the number and Craig replied: “who is this?”. Lisa was more than a bit upset but they did meet up for a date and so the romance was born.

So, we laughed, Craig cried, we hugged, Craig’s nephew entertained us on the guitar and a great time was had.


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