Family affair at Keavil House with Suzanne and Lawrie

638A04590C3A2193Keavil House is one of my more infrequent venues. It is not that far away from me but there is this river in-between that presents more of a psychological  than physical barrier even though we do have a lovely new crossing to link the Kingdom to the rest of the (inferior parts of the) United Kingdom. Suzanne and Lawrie were joined by their very well behaved children Abi and Thomas and the ceremony was beautiful. We did, of course, have a bit of a laugh expecially at their meeting up a second time. It was in a pub and Suzanne, who was not one to hold back, immediately sprinted across to say “Hiya” and tell Lawrie that she was single and, as she said in her homework, “I was even more delighted to hear “so am I”, to this day still 3 magical words.” So romantic.

We laughed, had two lovely readings, the children were perfect. What more can one ask for?


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