Off To Duns with Hayley and Kris

barnett0296img_4131So, it was off to the depths of the borders on a glorious early autumn day to marry Hayley and Kris. They chose the absolutely beautiful Wedderburn House for their special day, and it was a really special day. They had two of their friends, Chris and Colin, play guitar for us during the ceremony and their friend Emma read Real Love by John Lennon followed by a guitar version. The highpoint for me was however when they read their own secret vows to each other. They were so personal and so well balanced, mixing a bit of humour with some lovely sentiment. Here they are:

Hayley, today I promise you this:

I’ll always treat you as an equal, trust you, respect you and support you in everything you do. 

I’ll put you first and I’ll always be loyal and faithful.

I’ll do my bit to make our home loving, stable and welcoming to all our family and friends.

I’ll try to ease your load if you’re stressed, listen to you with compassion and encourage you to achieve everything you want to in life.

Even when I’m really, really hungry, you will always be welcome to some food from my plate, even if I don’t offer it to you.

Together, as a couple and a family, let’s keep travelling to see and experience new places, let’s fill our lives with love and laughter and I promise that I’ll do my best to make you happy every single day.

I want to marry you without any hesitation or doubt and I will always love you, today and every day of our lives.

Hayley, I will always be yours.

Hayley’s Vows

Kris, I want to share the rest of my life with you and I stand here before you because I am happier and more fulfilled today than ever,

Today I give you my promise that I will love you faithfully and honestly throughout all of the good times and the bad,

I will respect you and learn from you, challenge and encourage you, 

I promise to listen to your advice, occasionally take it and never take you for granted.  

We are stronger together and I will laugh and cry with you and ‘step up’ and support you each and every time you need me, 

I promise to take account of your feelings, to be more patient and forgiving, and to say ‘sorry’, even when I really think I’m right,

You have helped me become the person I am and I will strive to make you proud of me every single day. 

Life is so much better together and these things I promise to you today, and every day of our lives.

Hayley was good enough to send me the folllowing:

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for conducting our wedding service. It was absolutely perfect! Everyone (even the sceptical ones) commented on how personal it was and how well you delivered it.

Thank you again

Hayley & Kris


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