With Joanna and Joe at Dalhousie Castle

What a lovely day it was at the wonderful Dalhousie Castle. Joanna and Joe met as students at Heriot Watt University nearly ten years ago and it was such an honour to meet their family and friends. Their ceremony was thoughtfuly put together and we began by lighting a candle in memory of Joanna’s grandfather and Joes’s grandparents. The ceremony included a Band Warming where we passed their rings amongst their guests and at the end  Joanna’s sister Vicki sttod up and shared the following, which I thought was beautiful:

In spite of what some of the famous old readings say, it is impossible to perfectly define what love is, or what marriage is, or how to keep them strong. The definition is different for each couple.

[Sister & new Brother]: This is your relationship, your wedding, your marriage, your life. You had the amazing good fortune to find one another, and now YOU get to define what love and marriage will mean to you. This will be one of your greatest tasks, and greatest adventures. Your married life will be uniquely yours. No one else has ever had that particular life, and no one else ever will. Make it loving. Make it wild. Make it last.”

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