With Lisa an Richard at Glenskirlie House

It was roasting as we assembled at Glenskirlie House for Lisa and Richard’s wedding. There was nothing too complicated about the ceremony, they wanted something simple and meaningful.

We did a Band Warming at the beginning of the ceremony. This is  where I ask the Best Man to bring the rings forward, I tie them with a ribbon and then we pass them to the guests asking everyone to hold and warm their rings for a moment and to make a wish for their marriage. It is a lovely way to involve everyone on the wedding and make them feel a part of your big day.
As usual I met Lisa and Richard about four months before their wedding and asked them to do some homework for me in preparation.  We then put their own personal and unique ceremony together which included the following passage from Lisa about what marriage means to them:
 “It’s about sharing our lives with each other; about demonstrating our commitment to one another; about standing by each other; about looking after each other; about encouraging each other; about listening and talking to each other; and sharing adventures and happiness with each other”
I thought that was just beautiful.

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