On The Bonny Bonny Banks with Diana and Allan

It was, to put it politely, mildly organised chaos when I arrived at the Lodge on the Loch Hotel. “The Best Man has lost the rings” was the first thing I heard as I entered the bar looking for Allan. “You have got to be joking” was my response. I wondered why everyone was looking at me a bit peculiarly and then I realised that no one knew who I was. The chaos had now transformed itself into panic with people taking leather sofas to bits, moving tables and even peering ominously through the cracks in the decking above Loch Lomond. When someone announced that they would have to cancel the wedding I thought it time to introduce myself and was directed to Allan. The best man was in an awful state but somehow I got through to him and asked if he had the Wedding Schedule (the paper we must sign to make the marriage legal). “Oh aye” he said pulling it out his pocket. “The marriage will go ahead” I announced, “this is the only thing we need”. “But the rings…?” “We can borrow two from the guests if need be” I explained.
You see, being a wedding celebrant is not only about solemnising the marriage and often it seems like the only people who know what’s going on is me and the wedding coordinator from the venue – somebody has to take control. As soon as I solved the problem with the rings and looked like I was in charge then, of course, someone found the proper rings. They were in a sporran, as they always are!
It was a lovely setting with the loch stretching out behind us in the mist and the rain – well it was February. Diana was a beautiful bride and everything went perfectly. They even got some photos taken outside when the rain stopped for a moment or two.


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