A Family Affair with Rosalynn and Tony

What’s the difference between a family portrait and a photograph of the wedding party? In Rosalynn and Tony’s case there is no difference so meet the family!
It was a lovely day as I drove round the bypass to Duddingston Golf Club for their special day, in fact it was so nice that when I checked for a tee off time there was none. Rosalynn and Tony wanted all of the family to be a part of their wedding so they were. Their daughters (one from each family) were the bridesmaids and their sons the Best Men and what a great job they all did. As well as involving the children they wanted to include their mothers and, as a surprise, each of them presented their future mother-in-law with a rose during the ceremony. 
Rosalynn and Tony had both been married before and they wanted a ceremony that reflected them and was about them. They wanted something that would be meaningful, more meaningful than their first wedding ceremonies, and personal. They lit a candle each at the beginning to symbolise their individuality and then lit a third candle after their vows to symbolise their union.
It was a lovely warm intimate occasion and I was so honoured to be a part of their day. Rosalynn was good enough to drop me a note afterwards:
“Many of our guests had never been to a humanist ceremony before and were full of compliments for the very special, relaxed and personal ceremony you performed for us.  Tony & I could not have wished for a better day and we would both like to thank you sincerely for making it that way for us.”

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