A Windy Day at Dalhousie Castle with Alison and Shawn

Another Skype wedding although this time I met Alison and Shawn briefly around Christmas time when they were over from the US to visit her parents. During the rehearsal on the Friday evening the weather was slightly, eh, inclement if wholly representative of the summer (ha,ha) we’ve been having in Scotland. I met nearly all of their families, including Shawn’s who had travelled all the way from the United States for Alison and Shawn’s big day and Alison’s wonderful bridesmaids Lesley and Fiona who were to play such a big part in the day. We walked through the key parts of the ceremony – the entrance, the readings, the vows, the ring exchange and the exit – and we were only missing one important player, Bonny.
The day arrived and the weather improved. It was actually sunny, if slightly breezy (as in champagne glasses blowing off the tables breezy). Everyone assembled, the Apollo Strings played, and the ceremony began. The entrance went perfectly, not easy when you have two flights of stairs to negotiate to enter the room, I welcomed everyone and then asked the Best Man to bring the rings forward for a Band Warming. The Best Man did not have the rings at this point Bonny, the beautiful barn owl, did and on cue she flew down and landed perfectly on the Best Man’s gloved hand. I tied a ribbon through the rings and asked the guests to take part in the Band Warming, each to hold the rings and make a wish for the happiness of the couple and then pass them on. Lesley sang and stole everyone’s heart and Fiona ended our ceremony with a reading. Glorious.

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