To The Vu with Catriona and Keir

Overlooking the rolling West Lothian countryside The Vu, on a sunny day, is the most spectacular venue.

Catriona and Keir wanted a simple, meaningful ceremony for their family and close friends and that is, of course, what the three of us put together. They preferred that I do the readings for them and everything was cut down and kept to the minimum. They did light candles to celebrate their union. They both lit one individually and then used the two candles to light a third symbolising their marriage. Very simple, very beautiful.

The one moment that everyone will remember was when the read their own declarations to each other. Here are Cariona’s:

I will give my love to you equally with my body my heart and my mind, and will be open to your love always.
I will do my utmost to understand your needs, feelings and wishes.
I will always turn to you in need, as I hope you will of me.
Through good humour and imagination may we inspire each other and may we always find a way to overcome challenges in our path.
In the presence of our families and friends
I ask you to be my companion, my husband and lover in life.

Not a dry eye in the room.

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