Where the Forth Bridge stars in your wedding

 Ah, the last wedding ceremony of the year and what a wonderful experience it proved to be. Orocco Pier in South Queensferry must have the room with the most romantic views of the Forth Bridge, now looking pristine and newly decorated without the scaffolding that has plagued it for most of my adult life – the bridge that is, not the room. But I digress.

Lisa and Dave were a joy to work with and we had a lot of fun putting the ceremony together. But not nearly as much fun as the children (nieces and nephews I seem to recall) had with the poem that they had to read. Apparently they had come with at least one alternative version and Lisa was petrified that they were going to read that on her big day. But their moment came and, thankfully, nerves and a bit of stage fright kept them on order. This was their reading:

Do We Have to Kiss?
Do we have to kiss?
Can’t we just hold hands
Can’t we both agree
To make other plans?
I might accidentally get your nose
Get the giggles
If I tread on your toes
A hand-shake won’t do instead, I suppose?
Do we have to kiss?
Do we have to kiss?
Are we old enough
Do we need this wet, romantic stuff
Of course you have to kiss
Are you sure that you know what to do
Should I stand on your chair
Cos I’m shorter than you
Do we have to kiss?
Do we have to kiss?
Do you think it’s true
That it gives you spots and gastric flu
Makes your jaw-bone ache
And your ears turn pink
Isn’t it just like plunging
A blocked-up sink
Do we have to kiss?
If we’re going to kiss
Better do it quick
The anticipation makes me sick
…It’s not too bad
It’s almost fun
Now slowly, give me another one…

Dave and Lisa also chose to write their own promises to one another. This is not something that you have to do but, my goodness, it makes your ceremony so special and so personal. Not a dry sock in the room.

Lisa and Dave were kind enough to send me a card afterwards and I thought this quote from it might help you plan for your special day:

“As you can imagine, so much thought went into the dress I would wear, the food we would eat, the music we would dance to…but what all our guests commented on was how special, natural or personal the ceremony was, and, in turn, how it made the ceremony their favourite part of the whole day. I think that is how it should be!”

Lisa and Dave, thank you for letting me be a small part of a great day.

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