The Vu at Bathgate, Craig and Gill’s Big Day

I must perform a marriage ceremonies at the Vu at least once a month and yet Craig and Gill are the first couple to actually send me some of their photographs. Thank you, you wonderful people.

What a wonderful ceremony and what a laugh we all had. The story of how Gill and Craig first got together was hilarious and romantic. Craig’s proposal came as a complete surprise when he got down on one knee in front of the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in New York and the moment was captured on the front page of the New York Times courtesy of a Japanese photographer. Their wedding invitation was a copy of that front page.

And then there was a wonderful surprise, well it was a big surprise to Gill’s grandpa Jack who had composed a wonderful poem for the two of them which he thought he was reading at the reception. There was no escape once I had announced his moment during the ceremony.

By the way, always best to ask the people that you want to do a reading a few weeks beforehand!

The Vu, as I said, is one of my local venues and it is in the most stunning location perched on the hills above the Avon valley with views across to the Highlands. Well, most days. I have been there in the late winter/ early spring when the views were to end of the lake that surrounds the Waterlily – the venue for the ceremony – all of 150m. It might not have all the old world charm of an Incholm Island or Linlithgow Palace but, my goodness, they know what they are doing. The staff are so professional and the food, I hear, is excellent, certainly the canapes are good! If you are looking for a venue that will arrange everything for you (except me), photographers, pipers, cars, the works then look no further. And they will ensure that your day is perfect, exactly as you want it.

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