Return to Glenbervie, Touch and Go with Joanne and Barry

 Ah, it was only last week when I was last at Glenbervie House. That happens you know, you visit a new venue one week and then suddenly you are there again and again. A bit like buses I suppose. But last week it was warm and sunny and today it was close, yes that’s the word, close. As we waited for Joanne to arrive the skies became more and more ominous, dark, dark clouds looming overhead. I talked to the hotel staff about the fallback plan which seemed to consist of me talking faster and finishing the ceremony before it rained. So that’s what I did…once Joanne arrived.

The bride’s arrival was greeted with the most enormous thunderclap and I could see the bridesmaids and especially the little flower girl waiting in fear and trepidation as Joanne prepared for her entrance.

Towards the beginning of the ceremony we lit a candle in memory of Joanne’s stepdad, her gran and of Barry’s gran as well. The swirling breeze didn’t make it very easy but it was the gesture that counted and the few moments of silence for people who should have been at their special day but couldn’t be there.

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