Direlton Castle and Niamh’s Big Day

Well, who is the luckiest eleven-month old in the universe? Days before her Naming Ceremony and, of course, her Mum and Dad’s wedding at Direlton Castle the weather was truly awful but, on the day, the skies cleared, the showers stopped and a slight breeze blew.

Jackie and Jaimie had decided to have a joint wedding and naming ceremony and I met them before Christmas to start planning the big day. They wrote a fantastic ceremony and I sprinkled a little pixie dust on it as ever, suggested a few changes to the running order and with quite a few emails Jackie and I pulled the special day together. We met the day before and had a rehearsal which was quite important when there are two ceremonies in one and you have the complication of Direlton Castle – not the easiest of places for brides and bridesmaids to navigate their way around. We also had to work with Samantha and Gareth, Niamh’s Guide Parents (the equivalent of Godparents), and work out when they came forward and when the bridesmaids and the best man sat down etc etc.

On the day it all ran like clockwork and Niamh behaved herself, smiling away at everyone and generally behaving like the star of the show. Well, that part of the show anyway.

We reset the stage, the bridal party came forward again, and then her Mum had her big moment. I love it when the bride and groom write their own promises, especially when they keep them a surprise from one another, there is never a dry eye in the room. We signed the schedule and then the whole party assembled for the grand exit, Niamh in her Dad’s arms, the bridesmaids, best man and ushers, the Guide Parents and they all marched out following the piper to a standing ovation.


A wonderful, wonderful day and then Jackie topped the whole lot off with her surprise present to her new husband – the whole of the Haddington Pipe Band. Where else but Scotland….

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