Direlton Castle with Euan and Kim

Direlton Castle is a Historic Scotland property just north of North Berwick on the beautiful east coast of Scotland, Direlton Castle is an impressive 12th century romantic property in the forefront of Scottish history, which today is most famous for its beautiful gardens. Victorian and 1920s Arts and Crafts gardens have been re-created and include the world’s longest herbaceous border.

Euan and Kim chose to get married in the undercroft, a part of the ruins that used to house the kitchens and store rooms. It is

the most enchanting and atmospheric of venues and if you can imagine the scene in the photograph (taken when I visited a months before) dotted with candles and lined with flowers then that is what greeted the guests as they arrived on a breezy and sunny September day.

There are remnants of old windows and openings high on the wall to the left of the photograph and, I admit, more through luck than judgement, when we re-joined the guests after signing the schedule the sun had moved across the sky and came streaming through the window immediately above and to the left of us. It was one of those moments you couldn’t plan for (well, you can if you want, the sun came around at 3.30pm) and it finished off a magical ceremony beautifully.

Kim and Euan, as with all the couples I work with, had written their own, very personal ceremony and included in it readings by both of their fathers. Kim’s dad James turned out to be just like Garrison Keeler (Lake Wobegon Days) and, with his dry and self-effacing wit entertained wonderfully. It was then the turn of Euan’s dad Graeme who, to avoid any hint of competition, came forward and read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 and he read it beautifully. But James had set the stage and the whole ceremony turned into an emotional roller-coaster, with tears and applause in equal measure.

Kim’s family were dispersed throughout the world and we had guests from Canada and from Asia. They had prepared the most delicious canapes and we drank champagne and ate the snacks before everyone got back on the buses to Edinburgh for the reception. A day that no one will ever forget.

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