Return to Prestonfield Golf Club

If you have read my First Wedding blog then you will know about the trials and tribulations of performing a ceremony at Prestonfield Golf Club. Zoe, the bride in my first ceremony, is Karen’s niece and she and Derek were at Zoe’s wedding. They were so taken with the personal nature of the ceremony that they asked me to conduct their ceremony at the same venue. I had my doubts but, when Derek shared his ideas on how to improve the way we did things, I was all for it.

It was a gorgeous day with the sun beating down on Arthur’s Seat behind us and the golf course looking green and lush from the balcony windows.

Derek and Karen had both been married before and the really special thing about heir wedding was the way that all their kids were involved in the ceremony. Craig, Derek’s son was his best man, Stacy and Naomi both chose readings and presented them beautifully and Liann read the most personal and wonderful poem that was on a plaque that her late Gran Isa had. It does more to sum up the day than I ever can.

Our family is a circle of love and strength
With every birth and every union, the circle grows
Every joy shared adds more love, every crisis
faced together makes the circle stronger

Champagne was opened, photos were taken and it was evident that the party was about to begin. I understand it was some night but few can remember.

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