Two Unusual Readings

Alex and Katie were married in the impressive and atmospheric Borthwick Castle, just off the A7 outside Dalkeith, in the heart of the Borders of Scotland (see my link). Photographs will follow I promise.

Though the setting was magnificent Alex and Katie wanted a ceremony that was informal and relaxed. Katie has decided not to have any bridesmaids and there were no ushers so the wedding felt more like a family party than a formal affair. We did not have the opportunity to rehearse the day before so I got there early and worked with the best man and Jo and Elisabeth who were delivering the readings. They had chosen two very unusual readings that I would like to share.The first was from that seminal text on weddings, “Goodbye and Thanks for the Fish” by the notable Humanist and author, the late Douglas Adams. The second reading was I Like You by Sandol Stoddart Warburg. Both readings are published on my Favourite Readings page.

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